Friday, 24 June 2011

The Young Things - All My Friends Are Junkies

Today's song is courtesy of The Young Things, who are thundering through my speakers with their retro surfer sound - albeit with a modern indie edge. From the opening guitar riffs you're instantly transported to somewhere sunny, sandy, and you can almost feel the ice cold drink in your hand. The guitar is so clever in the song, keeping it moving and changing with the lyrics to create so many different moods, while the vocals are simultaneously fitting with the era and updating the genre for the contemporary audience. The lyrics are a lighter take on the title - whether that's due to the nature of the melody or the actual content I can't be sure, but they work brilliantly. Not only that, but with a free download of the album and a 'Behind The Young Things' video here, there's no excuse for not having this band in your collection for a very long time to come!


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