Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine

Thought it was about time for something a little different, so I'm relaxing with some Aqualung. Brighter Than Sunshine is possibly the greatest chill out song ever, but it also has something extra about it that makes it so great to listen to. Using a mix of piano, strings and drums allows the song to move fluidly through its rises and falls, and the vocals accompany the vibe of the song perfectly. The lyrics might be simple, but they're heartfelt, and that's one of the most important aspects of the song (Let the rain fall, I don't care/I'm yours and suddenly you're mine.) Ignore the outside world, plug in your headphones, and let Aqualung take you away.



  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could check out our band and tell us what you think.


    Many thanks,
    Emilia Marie and Russie Travis

  2. Will do :) thanks for getting in touch!