Monday, 6 June 2011

All Time Low - That Girl

Having spent most of the day listening to 'Dirty Work,' I think That Girl must be one of my favourite songs on it. Just stopping short of screaming summer, this is the perfect example of biting, clever lyrics wrapped in an infectious pop tune - what a combination! The melody is everything you could ask for, pop-punk having grown up a little but retained its hooks and fun - guitars, synth and drums as slick as you've ever heard them. The vocals are as strong in this song too, capturing the mood of both the words and the melody all at once, but the lyrics are the true focal point of the song (Now she won't buy my sex appeal/Just an east coast kid with a record deal/I play her song, she plays the field.) All in all, 'Dirty Work' is worth a listen or ten, and That Girl is on repeat for the rest of today.


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