Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ed Sheeran - A Team

Having spent the best part of yesterday and today watching the music channels, I keep coming back to this song - and rightly so. It feels like an old friend after such a short space of time, but every time I listen again I'm just blown away by it. Beautifully simple, with guitar, piano and a touch of drums, the melody seems to fuse with the vocals to create something beyond the typical acoustic genre. Melancholy yet somehow upbeat, this is a song that's full of emotion without being dragged down by it. The vocals are perfect, giving an edge to an otherwise placid song - and with the combination of that, the music, and the video, something truly unexpected emerges. Lyrically, the song continues the simple but effective theme, with short phrases telling a wider story (And they scream/The worst things in life come free to us/Cos we're just under the upperhand/And go mad for a couple of grams.) A Team is a song which is guaranteed to be around for a while to come, so let it take you somewhere great.


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