Monday, 27 June 2011

Bastille - Icarus

icarus by BASTILLE

As promised, one of my Myspace discoveries from this morning. From the minute the track started up, it was something a little different in a genre not known for producing diverse music. Icarus has a brilliant mix of indie and electro, combining militaristic drums with delicate piano to create an effect that shouldn't work - but truly does. The chorus has the makings of a gig anthem, easily moving from tightly controlled to a kind of soaring freedom, allowed to do so mostly by the simplicity of the lyrics (Icarus is flying/Too close to the sun.) The story of Icarus is one which most have at least some familiarity with, and that gives the song a kind of affinity with the listener already. Perfectly executed, emotive, and destined for a permanent spot on my playlist, Icarus is just begging to be played.


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