Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rihanna - Man Down

Seeing as the video hasn't been released yet, I don't have to talk about the controversy it's stirring right now - but really, when a song talks about shooting a man down, what did they expect from the video? Anyway, the song is the issue, and for me Man Down proves that Rihanna has the midas touch when it comes to music. Channeling a kind of Caribbean vibe, the song will take root inside your head and you'll find yourself humming it hours after listening - and of course, the vocals are of their usual superb quality. With the lyrics, I like that there's a story running through it, with a couple of different layers to it (I didn't mean to hurt him/Could've been somebody's son.) Take a listen, and remember what I said when you're singing it hours from now.


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