Monday, 23 May 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Second albums are notoriously difficult, especially where the debut has launched your career in an almost unimaginable way. 'Born This Way' shows no signs of this though, being recognisable as Gaga while progressing in terms of music. Where some songs on 'The Fame' had all of the polish, this album has songs with soul in it. Fusing traditional American rock with an electro twist, this album fills a void no one could have been aware existed.

Opener Marry The Night is reminiscent of 90s discos, making you want to dance around in those dalmation leggings you thought were so cool, while Bad Kids is an ode to the rebellious 80s punk spirit (I’m a twit, degenerate young rebel and I’m proud of it/ Pump your fist if you would rather mess up than put up with this) while keeping the melody of a pretty, electro tune - the attitude's all in the vocals.

Personal highlights have to be the aforementioned Bad Kids, with Bloody Mary and You And I following closely behind - and Born This Way deserves a mention as the title track.

From an album that feels like a journey through the history of music, there's something for absolutely everyone. What's different about 'Born This Way' is that the tracks have been reimagined through a Lady Gaga filter - which can sometimes feel like taking an acid trip - but they are linked with the common thread of being unmistakably hers. This may be an album which will divide opinion, but it will be heard by millions of people - and rightfully so.


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  1. i love Gaga. and i love you, RadioWhore! xo