Monday, 30 May 2011

Arctic Monkeys - She's Thunderstorms

Oh, thank god for the internet and its streaming albums a week early. I have been desperate to hear more from 'Suck It And See,' and I haven't been disappointed. Today's song is the opener, She's Thunderstorms, and it's quite simply great. While it's definitely a move away from the style that brought them to fame, they are yet another band whose presence is stamped all over whatever song they bring out. Starting out slow and intricate, the song does progress on to more familiar ground, but the overall relaxed feeling of the song never quite leaves. The melody and vocals are quite retro, giving an air of a band paying their dues in a smoky hall somewhere, which oddly enough makes She's Thunderstorms feel personal in the way the lyrics would have it be. A great opener from what's shaping up to be a great album - you can hear more here. It's where I'll be all day...


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