Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Charlie Simpson - Down, Down, Down

Shameful, shameful admission time - I love this song. Gorgeously, simply acoustic, with vocals that have definitely found their niche. It sounds a little like We Cry by The Script at first, but there's something infinitely sad and haunting about this song for the first half. Down, Down, Down speeds up in the second half, while retaining that same air - quite a feat actually. The lyrics bring the whole song together (There are too many people in this world tryin' to shout their name) and the vocals are seriously good. Put aside your prejudices and just give this song a go - I was skeptical before I listened to.

Finally, if you listen, don't like, and think I've sold out, The Guardian is streaming the new Cults' album - more on that tomorrow I think, but take a listen here.


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