Monday, 28 March 2011

Green Day - Favourite Son

From the epic American Idiot musical, this song is a personal addiction. Favourite Son slots perfectly into the album, right where you didn't know you needed it, and is simply great. There is more than one version of this song about - the original stage version (with vocals from Joshua Henry) and the version Billie Joe did (which is the one above.) The authentic Green Day version is much less pop-y, but still retains that hook which draws you in. Lyrically, this song is fantastic, exactly in the tone and nature of the album (No one says it's fair/Turn a teenage lush to a millionaire.) Seguing effortlessly into Are We The Waiting, this song is made for the stage, and it'll be a sad day when the run of this show comes to an end. Luckily, we still have the cast recording to relive it.


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