Monday, 18 July 2011

The Wombats - Our Perfect Disease

After a week's absence due to a horrendous laptop issue, I'm back and (arguably) better than ever. Starting off the week is The Wombats with Our Perfect Disease. Taking things in a slightly more futuristic direction, the synth and guitars weave to create something like Muse on drugs, alternately hugging everyone in the room and hiding in a corner muttering. The whole thing has taken on an adult feel, a song to dance to yes, but there's something else there that's easy enough to see. The vocals suit this song perfectly, not too heavy but more than establishing their presence, and the lyrics have moments of absolute brilliance (We didnt say it but we never saw eye to eye/Now life is carefree and equally as boring) and a chorus that gets better every time it comes around. Like Jekyll and Hyde (referenced in the song coincidentally), this song has two sides - get familiar with them both.


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