Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Katy McAllister - Here's To The Heartbreakers

Today's song is a gem of a find on Myspace, proving once and for all that the site isn't quite dead. Katy McAllister's Here's To The Heartbreakers is a beautiful tune, with incredibly talented vocals and a melody that just begs to be sung along with. Reminiscent of Taylor Swift for those of us who'll never see our teens again, the song is a typical adolescent love song with a more adult feel to it, appealing to everybody. The vocals are superb, drawing attention away from what is a fantastic little tune, but somehow this only enhances the song. Lyrically, there are some interesting moments (I turn your flaws into beauty/And you're seeing this as a bad thing/Are you kidding me?) but the main strength comes from the whole idea of the song. A great tune from an artist who is capable of great things - so raise a glass to the faithless.


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