Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fall Out Boy - Alpha Dog

Last moment Saturday post, and it's time for a little Fall Out Boy. Now, instead of posting an old school Tell That Mick post, I've gone for Alpha Dog, simply because I've loved it since the CFOB mixtape and always wanted to hear more. The song doesn't disappoint, with clever lyrics and infinite listenability - it's FOB to its core, and that is what's most important. For a band who have always stayed true to what and who they are at the core of every piece of music they've ever made, this is a fitting song to appear on the greatest hits album. Every song is a new reason to fall in love, and this finalisation of a song which had me replaying a thirty second demo clip for weeks on end just makes me happy. Fall Out Boy were always more than just a band - accept it.


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