Wednesday, 16 February 2011

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance, Glasgow SECC, 15/2/11

The curtain was down, the lights were down... it was finally time. After two average support bands, people spotting, and an ice cream, the main event was about to begin. With Look Out Sunshine ringing out across the arena, the first notes of Na Na Na began to play over the top. With no further ado, the curtain dropped and the show was off.

Rioting through an hour and ten minute set (minus encore), the crowd were treated to new favourites and old classics. Personal highlights included Hang 'Em High, I'm Not Okay, Sing, Famous Last Words and of course Cancer, a song that had the crowd singing along - there was literally no other sound coming from them. The wonderful thing about watching MCR (and there truly are so many wonderful things) is that there's never any sense that they'd ever want to do anything else. Their stage movements are so fluid too - there's no awkward moments of vying for attention or unwittingly moving in to each other's space.

There's so much more I could say - the fact that more than once that night I heard someone nearby speaking the heartfelt words 'My Chemical Romance saved my life', the fantastic merch (I am so regretting not buying an 'Art Is The Weapon' tee along with my Better Living Industries (BL/ind) one), or that the crowd were screaming every time a picture of the band flashed up on the screen while we were waiting - but I'll leave you with this: every moment of that gig was a simple reminder of why I adore music. That's how you know a band are truly loved.


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