Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Theory Of A Deadman - Bad Girlfriend

I'm back (again!) and with a song that got me through a five hour train journey. Bad Girlfriend is a kick ass tune that will have you craving darkened dance floors in no time at all. Rocking guitars, dirty vocals and lyrics that seem to have been made for the melody see this song be everything you know it could from the opening bars. There might not be the substance of some of the bands other songs, but this is fun, slick, and made to be danced to. Pretend it's the weekend and get in to that spirit now.


NOTE: Since I don't know how old any of you are, and I'm also not your parent/guardian, I can't stop you from watching this, but be warned there's some swearing and is not suitable for little kids. If you don't like the sound of it, don't watch it. :)

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