Monday, 8 August 2011

Good Charlotte - Sex On The Radio

Another Monday, another week of songs - are you as excited as me? Today's song is from everyone's favourite pop-punk's Good Charlotte, and while the subject matter might be a little more grown up, the spirit behind it is forever young. Sex On The Radio is a fast paced, almost seductive tale of a short term relationship in the world of the famous. The melody is catchy and the chorus is big enough to buoy a crowded gig. There's nothing too complex in the lyrics, but there are some noteworthy moments - and really, isn't that half the fun of it? (I love to hear her scream/And when I push play she's screaming in stereo.) The vocals in this song probably have most to recommend it - but then they're always impressive. Dance and sing along - you might feel like an idiot, but this time it's worth it for the fun of it.


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